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Leverage the power of your landing page with our all-in-one popup maker tool.


Adrack’s Bannerize is an innovative marketing platform for lead management. The all-in-one web-based system can be used for campaign setup, lead distribution, data capture, marketing, and much more.

It only takes a few minutes to design and launch a new creation on Bannerize. The turnkey popup maker includes a web-based portal for creating an online popup where users can set the conditions. With the click of a button, users can pick one of the many types of pre-installed fonts, add a heading, subheading and body text. From there, uploading images, videos, and GIFs is also easier than the traditional way with our implemented drag and drop feature. We also developed an icon-builder, where users can add basic shapes or social media icons.

Norvik Abdalian

Director of IT at Dot818
Los Angeles, California

The work provided by Preezma has satisfied all project requirements, helping us get our platform up and running. Their team worked hard and managed themselves independently, delivering an initial version of the product and continuing to build out increased functionality. Their team members are easy to work with.

Challenges and involvement

Prior to us officially joining Adrack, the company had two software development operations between Belarus and the United States. When Adrack decided to begin developing a new product, they wanted to take a step away from the frameworks PHP and .NET and utilize the benefits of Full Stack JavaScript.
As we were recommended to Adrack as a company who specializes in Full Stack JavaScript, we were able to successfully collaborate by first understanding their needs of their product Bannerize. Soon after understanding their scope of work we immediately begin development.
We’ve successfully developed Bannerize’s MVP within 4 months and from that point we continuously developed Bannerize 8 months following and successfully deployed it on the market.
Adrack truly appreciated the success within developing Bannerize and soon after decided to have us replace the frameworks of their other previously built platforms from PHP and .NET to Full Stack JavaScript – Success!

Not only were we able to successfully build Bannerize from its foundation with JavaScript frameworks, we also were able to provide

  • Company running three software teams one in armenia and one in Belarus and one in US
  • They’ve been using the stacks PHP and .NET
  • Wanted to build new product from scratch
  • Someone recommended us as being a specialized full stack javascript development team
  • Company took notice that we were a specialized full stack javascript team because they had plans to replace their existing stack to javascript
  • It was a great opportunity for them since we specialize in fullstack javascript
  • Because they’ve realized the product has been developing successfully, they’ve decided to switch from their current stack (.NET and PHP) to javascript with the other platforms they’ve been developing
  • Overall we’ve successfully built Bannerize’s MVP within 4 months. From that point we’ve been continuously developing their platform for the following 8 months and successfully deployed it onto the market

Technology stack

Microsoft Azure

Microsoft Azure