Carrier Community

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Carrier Community is an exclusive global telecom club and industry networking platform for wholesale telecom service providers. It was founded as a central and transparent platform to enhance business opportunities across various sectors, such as Voice, Data, SMS, Mobile, Data Centers, VAS, MVNO, ISP, Cable Subsea, Telehouse and others. The idea behind Carrier Community is to offer a meeting place where members can share ideas, strategies, contacts and business information.

Wida Schmidt

We hired Preezma to create a social platform for our clients. We’ve managed to create a user-friendly platform and highly appreciate their flexible approach. Preezma is responsive and persistent with a flexible approach in completing the project stages.

CEO at
Carrier Community GmbH
Berlin, Germany

Challenges and involvement

Carrier Community initially had their platform developed using wordpress which we all know can become a bit cumbersome when adding features. When they brought us on board they explained to us the overall performance issues the platform was having, unable to implement new complex features as well as delays they were having with their preexisting development team.

As Carrier Community wanted to implement complex functionalities to their platform as well as resolve the maintenance issues they were having, we immediately knew they had to move away from Wordpress and have their platform developed using stable frameworks which would also divert any issues regarding scalability.

Our experience in migrating data from a preexisting platform onto a new one made the process look effortless for us. First, we went ahead to develop a custom CMS platform, then seamlessly integrated their data on their new platform.

Carrier Community’s new social media platform now performs much more efficiently, features can be added along with facilitating ongoing maintenance without any pain points.

Technology stack

Amazon Web Services






Continuous Integration
and Delivery