Conversations that drive efficient customer acquisition


Chatmantics takes conversations that drive efficient customer acquisition. Users can plan and deploy AI-powered virtual assistants that integrate seamlessly with their contact center - driving meaningful and powerful interactions and in turn, lowering acquisition costs and increasing sales.

Keith Scales

Preezma is extremely instrumental and helpful in improving our dev workflow and incorporating true DevOps into our organization. Preezma’s team lead is amazing to work with, they were able to jump into the organization, understand the roadmap and devise a team to drive ops, productivity and deliver product and milestones on time or ahead of schedule. Preezma’s technical expertise and approach to development is definitely a huge asset to any organization. I definitely recommend hiring Preezma.

CEO & Founder at
San Francisco, California

Challenges and involvement

When we initially collaborated with Chatmantics, the plan was to start with one software engineer. As we began operations and development, CEO Keith Scales was concerned about the time zone differences and if that would potentially affect the software development process. As we have years of experience in collaborating with tech companies halfway around the world, we knew this would be no challenge for us. We began development and immediately Keith was impressed with our process – by applying Agile/SCRUM methodologies as we do with all our developmental work.

Soon after Keith decided to add an additional 2 engineers from our team to further improve Chatmantic’s development and operations processes. We were able to prove again that it doesn’t matter what part of the world the company we’re partnering is based out of – Preezma’s workflow process, streamlining communication repeatedly is one of our formulas of success.

Technology stack

Amazon Web Services





Telnyx and Tele


Continuous Integration
and Delivery

IBM Watson API