Java Software Engineer

Preezma is looking for Mid to Senior level Java software engineers to join our team. This is a great opportunity to grow, work on big game-changing products and BOLD ideas, play with the latest technologies, and be part of our strong team!

Required Qualifications:

  • Oпыт разработки на Java 8+ от 3 лет, понимание принципов работы JVM.
  • Знание основных паттернов проектирования в ООП.
  • Опыт использования Spring Framework (boot, mvc, data, secutity)
  • Опыт работы с базами данных, умение писать и оптимизировать запросы.
  • Опыт работы с PostgreSQL / Oracle, Kafka, Redis.
  • Опыт работы с многопоточностью и асинхронностью.
  • Опыт работы с распределёнными хранилищами и системами.
  • Опыт работы с Docker / OpenShift (или Kubernetes).
  • Опыт работы с фреймворками и инструментами автоматического тестирования (junit, postman, jmeter).
  • Знание HTTP, REST, SOAP
  • Понимание особенностей микросервисной архитектуры.
  • Понимание принципов CI/CD
  • Большой плюс опыт разработки банковских систем


  • Проектирование интерфейсов взаимодействия с другими системами.
  • Разработка в рамках микросервисной архитектуры.
  • Проведение код-ревью в рамках команды
  • Работа с GitLab, Jira, Confluence
  • Документировать код и проводить рефакторинг существующих механизмов
  • Живое Agile-обсуждение постановки, внешних интеграций и проблем сопровождения.
  • Техническая оценка требований, участие в выборе деталей реализации.
  • Работа в тесном сотрудничестве со специалистами фронтенд разработки, тестирования и аналитиками.
  • Поиск наиболее простых/оптимальных технических решений стоящих бизнес-задач


Health Insurance

The health of our team members is one of our highest priorities.


We send our team members to various training to level up and gain new skills.

Flexible hours

Our team members are given an opportunity of creating their personal work schedules.

Team Spirit

We have a true team spirit which is our key force in the implementations of all our projects.

Leaders support

Our leaders are always next to the team by providing feedback and giving advice.

Recreational Activities

Our office is equipped with play activities such as a ping pong and Play Station.

Fast-paced career path

We ensure constant career growth opportunities for all the members of our team.

Knowledge sharing

Meetings, presentations, and consultations are an important part of our schedule.

Growth budget

Our team members are regularly offered to attend various training and seminars.

Remote work

Our team members are welcome to work and get things done from different locations.

Friday Fun

Every Friday we dedicate a few hours to play active and passive interesting games.

English Courses

We provide our team members with the opportunity to improve their knowledge of English.


All the newcomers get assistance from our specialized professionals to adapt easily.

Fresh fruits

With fresh fruits, we always keep the level of vitamins high to have energy during the day.

Personal laptop

All the team members have their personal laptops that are provided by the company.

Chillout Space

We have a cozy corner in our office which is meant for fun, relax and gatherings.

Competitive salary, with promise fast salary growth based on personal performance and fast learning skills.

Please submit your CV’s to [email protected] mentioning your position in the subject line.