We have four offices globally in London, Berlin, Stockholm, Amaan and Yerevan and this number will increase in the nearest future. Having offices abroad empowers us to keep track of the developing trends and adapt to changes in the market.


The main workforce of Preezma resides in Yerevan. The reason of choosing Armenia as the place for technical operations was based on the rapidly growing IT market in the country.

Being at the crossroad of industrial innovations and cultural trends Armenia has ensured its leading position in the region in regard to its share in GDP, competitive labor and total turnover. All these factors create the necessary conditions for our company to prosper.

Preezma as an International Company

When talking about our locations, it is essential to mention that our operations are not limited to the countries we have offices in. Preezma has clients from all over the world -mainly from the USA and Western Europe. Due to our infrastructure and the use of English as the main language, we communicate with our clients no matter how far they are.

About Preezma

Since entering the market in 2013, Preezma has been confidently gaining the trust of its customers by offering demanded software development services and innovative solutions while applying the latest technologies.