Tinkoff Banking

One of the leading Banks in Russia


Tinkoff Banking is one of the lead providers of Mobile Banking solutions for Russia. It provides wide variety of services, such as wireless payment solutions.

David Israel

Preezma completed the project on time and within budget. Managing the project efficiently, the team has an effective workflow and good communication skills. They exceeded the my expectations.

Founder & CEO at
Rochester, New York

Norvik Abdalian

The work provided by Preezma has satisfied all project requirements, helping us get our platform up and running. Their team worked hard and managed themselves independently, delivering an initial version of the product and continuing to build out increased functionality. Their team members are easy to work with.

Director of IT at Dot818
Los Angeles, California

Wida Schmidt

We hired Preezma to create a social platform for our clients. We’ve managed to create a user-friendly platform and highly appreciate their flexible approach. Preezma is responsive and persistent with a flexible approach in completing the project stages.

CEO at
Carrier Community GmbH
Berlin, Germany

Keith Scales

Preezma is extremely instrumental and helpful in improving our dev workflow and incorporating true DevOps into our organization. Preezma’s team lead is amazing to work with, they were able to jump into the organization, understand the roadmap and devise a team to drive ops, productivity and deliver product and milestones on time or ahead of schedule. Preezma’s technical expertise and approach to development is definitely a huge asset to any organization. I definitely recommend hiring Preezma.

CEO & Founder at
San Francisco, California

Michael Quale

Preezma has very competent full-stack developers and strengths within their abilities to learn new technologies. It was a pleasure to work with them as I look forward to staying in touch and possibly collaborating on other projects.

Michael Quale
Chief Technical Officer - AWS SME at Halo Platform
Austin, Texas

Devin Seto

When I worked with Preezma at the Halo Platform I was immediately impressed by the talented team. They know the industry, our tech extremely well and worked quickly – thoughtfully delivering a top-quality product. The team knows both good design and development practices and worked effectively in our agile environment. It was truly a pleasure to work with them!.

Devin Seto
Vice President / Head of Block & Chain Game Studios
Austin, Texas

Evgeny Golubov

Preezma has completed and delivered the project on time and within budget. They make themselves available 24/7 for any client inquiries as they continue their partnership.

Evgeny Golubov
CEO at ITSOFT.co.il

Raminta Aukštuolytė

As a company, we are searching for a partner who could help us with our growth and share high-quality specialists that meet our requirements. We like the delivery pace, high-quality specialists, and a pretty large pipeline of them. Also, flexibility, excellent communication, and genuine care about the client. So far, we are happy with the service and general partnership, so nothing to comment on here. We have an issue with a limited number of high-quality and motivated specialists in Lithuania. Preezma has helped a lot with delivering us many different specialists and made us feel secure about Planning our resources.

Raminta Aukštuolytė
HR Business Partner (IT)
at BetGames

Patrick In der Maur

They’re proven to be good partners. We are satisfied with the quality of people that Preezma has provided. They act as partners, working closely and helping on projects.They’re reliable and good at managing the project, and the team communicates well through chat, Zoom and Teams.

Patrick In der Maur
Product & team manager
at Bij Onsweb

Challenges and involvement

The most challenging part of the project was to understand how application modules work separately and work with each other on a development/UX experience level. There are also multiple architectures used with best and up to date tools.

Technology stack



Android Architecture Components



Clean Architecture

Android Jetpack