We are excited to announce that Preezma became a verified member of the Pangea community and is listed among the top 7% of global software development companies!

Starting a Journey with Pangea

During the last couple of months, we went through a complex in-depth verification process to provide unparalleled transparency about our organization to the external universe of future hires and clients. 


As a company that values transparency and honesty, the Preezma team has carefully taken its time to learn about Pangea in addition to pragmatically considering joining their community since early 2021. Fast forward to summer of 2022 and we officially joined the Pagena community! Being a part of the Pagena community benefits Preezma, future hires and potential partners! Pangea gives existing and future employees of Preezma as well as potential partners a clear picture of the opportunities, expectations and capacities within our organization!


Why? Pangea gives users on their platform true and verified information about every vendor presented on the portal. That builds additional trust and helps vendors/organizations to get a better reputation supported by Pangea’s verification processes. They request each Preezma team member and existing partners to answer a series of questions about who they are and to talk a bit about their experiences working with us.


During the 4-week verification process, we went through many verticals of detail about our organization such as client journey and specific points of our software development processes. Parts of our processes such as project metrics, technologies and tools that we expertise in and use within each software development project. We thoroughly explained how we’ve been scaling up, our team structure and our overall capabilities.


As a company that is selective in the types of companies we like to partner with, immediately we become very excited upon finding the right fit! Preezma’s goals has always been to build bold ideas, help companies effectively scale up their software development teams in effectively helping them take their digital transformation goals to the next level. 


We’re beyond gratified to see the positive feedback that our partners have been writing about us within Pagena’s platform! Though it took quite some time to receive and process all of Pangea requirements, we’re very grateful to be a part of the process where we were not only able to get some insight from our partners, but also from our team members as well!

Our Learnings

As we mentioned earlier, one of the coolest things that Pangea does is they contact partners of software development vendors to obtain detailed information per their partnership experiences. 


So what did our partners say about us?


Preezma has been rated an astonishing overall score of 9.7 out of 10! Which is in comparison to the average partner/client score of 8.6. I think we can humbly state with a bit of confidence that we’re pretty good at developing software!

“We are happy to have such a flexible partner, who can also suggest solutions in challenging situations.” said Raminta Aukštuolytė, HR Business Partner, Betgames

Pangea really breaks down several verticals for our clients to rate their experience working with us.


Below are a couple of categories which we’re really proud of as well as almost receiving a perfect score for each!

  • Customer Journey Score։ 10․0
  • UI/UX Score։ 9․0
  • Project Management Score։ 10․0
  • Tech Expertise Score։ 10․0
  • Business Maturity Score։ 10․0

Our team members are the core of Preezma!


Everything we have been able to achieve and for more of what’s in store for us all is because of our amazing team! Our team health score is 8.5/10.0 which I’d say isn’t too bad! Some vertials Pangea does their rating assessments are in company culture, management and peer rapport, which collectively we scored an 8.8/10.0!


We are thrilled to see that our team is satisfied at Preezma and that our company culture is recognized to be one of our strongest aspects! This insight also gives us the opportunity to continue developing with even greater momentum to further build our company culture – all in the same direction as we’ve been going!


It’s great to know that our teammates are happy and satisfied 🙂


We are Preezma, a software development company based in Armenia. Our mission is to help global organizations and startups overcome technology challenges of Digital Transformation with the focus on new and emerging technologies – which we believe should make a positive impact on each area of our lives, making it simpler, smarter, and open new promising horizons.“- said Hamayak Harutyunov, CEO and Founder of Preezma

New Chapter

Being part of the top 7% of all vendors in the Pangea community will help our current and future employees have some insight about us in addition to connecting with the right companies to digitally transform their bold ideas into awesome web and mobile apps!

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